Important Notice About Stumail

For a number of years, Camosun College offered e-mail accounts to students to facilitate communication. When we began this service, e-mail was rare, costly and difficult for an individual to provide for themselves. The World Wide Web has changed that forever. Today, an individual can choose among a number of e-mail services that will be convenient to use and will offer plenty of storage, effective spam filtering, a fast interface and mobile access. The College is simply not as good at providing this service as organizations like Google or Microsoft. Over the year leading up to our decision only about ten percent of the student College email accounts created were used. After much discussion, the tough decision was taken to focus our energies on technology services that would bring more value to students than e-mail. As of December 31st, 2010 we turned off our Student Email system and will no longer be offering or supporting the e-mail accounts that end in the "" designation. Email forwarding will not be provided. Four months of prior notice was provided on the student email login page indicating that this change was coming.

If you have a preferred email account, please register it at Camosun College. You can use Camlink to ensure easy online communication with the College. If you do not have a preferred email account you can choose one from the suggestions below or any other service provider of your choice.

Then tell your friends your address and enjoy the increased storage, easier access and better Web integration that Web 2.0 offers.

Hotmail (Free)

Google (Free)

Yahoo (Free)

Aol (Free)

Canoe (Free)

Shaw Webmail (Shaw Cable customers only)

Telus Webmail (Telus customers only)